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Cross-posting ahead!

Cross-posting here, forgive me if you see it twice on yer friends' list. I haven't posted anything in a long while, SO! A brief intro to my boring self. I'm Crow from, the lazy artist to Palestra!. The webcomic's been on hiatus for a a few months now, but it will be restarting shortly, thanks to a new kick of inspiration of late. Anyway... two oekakies here that I'm pretty happy with recently, one a fanart for a friend, the other a scene from Palestra! LJ-cut for friends' lists and because of mild yaoi content on the second one.

I caught up on Scorpio Angel's Good Morning, Angel finally... excellent art and intruiging characters... Ail disturbs me for some reason though.

Caedrid x Dai'skun from Palestra! ... actually in the second book, so I guess this would count as spoilers, but oh well.. XD By the time we get there, everyone will have forgotten about it anyway...
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